Candidate Profile Brochures

We can confidentially market your profile to thousands of our current and potential clients
The brochure is produced in an electronic format and is totally confidential, outlining just brief details of candidates with a profile and a career summary. There are no names or company names disclosed, and of course it would not go to your current employer or for that matter any other company that you would not want wish it to go to.
We find this to be an excellent way of marketing and promoting candidates who are looking for a discreet career move or who find themselves unexpectedly back on the market. This brochure often leads to vacancies that are only at planning stage or that specialist skills are recognised and positions are made available to accommodate those skills. It is a strict company policy that we contact each individual to request their permission to appear on these brochures prior to the brochure being submitted to clients.
Clients respond by requesting further information. However, your full personal and career details will not be submitted to any company without your prior permission.