Why Use Us?

We successfully meet our commitments to our clients by completing the assignments given to us with good quality, long term people; 'The right people'. With an amazing success rate.

Our process is thorough:

  • We offer search, selection, or a combined approach with the consultant handling the assignment being responsible for all aspects.
  • We provide full candidate details including the consultant's assessment of the candidate shortlisted.
  • We assist with the offer negotiations, client administration is minimal.
  • We work at a commercial pace and agree to a timetable at the start of each project.
  • We give full disclosure of all information emanating from search projects, i.e. we have an open book policy.
  • We believe in developing long term relationships with our clients, and becoming their business partners. We adopt an 'across the board' approach to recruitment and take on a vast range of multi-functional projects.
  • We are generalists with in-depth experience in UK and overseas markets.
  • We are commercially minded and profitable with an excellent balance sheet and are looking forward to further profitable growth. We are here to stay. This is in line with our philosophy of developing long-term working partnerships with our clients.