Executive Search

An introduction by way of research and analysis, this method is designed to identify, attract and then secure highly skilled, often quite rare individuals or experienced directors for very specific appointments. A site visit is required to work with the client to prepare a comprehensive brief to ensure a full understanding of the culture, structure and competences required for the role. Then, together with our research team, we identify target companies and candidates to be approached. We never directly approach candidates within our client companies unless specifically requested to do so. Once assigned, an individual consultant will be personally responsible for all aspects of the search assignment, particularly the front line contact and meeting with candidates.

This includes our multimedia executive profile service. Candidate interviews normally last for three hours, during which time we explore candidate's personalities, and personal background, their education and experience. We also provide and talk through a comprehensive recruitment specification, for each candidate to retain, so that they have a complete understanding of the role, for which we are recruiting. We offer a twelve month guarantee for this service.