Executive Selection Through Advertising

This method of selection uses a focused advertising campaign to attract candidates. It is an effective, quick and efficient method of recruitment. Good candidates can be attracted by using quality press. Our distinctive advertising style is designed to promote the position above all else. We take great care and believe in powerful and interesting advertisement copy, designed individually for each client.  The client's name is not disclosed in the advertisement unless specifically requested. We work with the client to prepare a comprehensive brief to ensure a full understanding of the culture, structure and competences required for the role.

Candidates are interviewed against the job profile and competencies required in the role as agreed with the client. We provide a shortlist of between 4 and 5 candidates.

This also includes our multimedia executive profile service. All candidates are met by the assigned consultant, interviews normally last for three hours, during which time we explore candidate's personalities, and personal background, their education and experience. We also provide and talk through a comprehensive recruitment specification, for each candidate to retain, so that they have a complete understanding of the role for which we are recruiting. We offer a twelve month guarantee for this service.